Pickup and Drop Off Procedures

Pick up and Drop off Procedures



Parents assume FULL responsibility and liability for the rider’s conduct and bicycle.
Bicycles are allowed for students in grades 3-6 only. Bicycles must be in safe working condition.
All bicycles MUST be parked in the bike rack and LOCKED. Students may not share a bicycle lock—only one bicycle per lock!
Helmets MUST be worn by all students riding to and from school.
All bicycles must be walked on school grounds.
Children should never ride two on one bicycle.
Students are not to loiter in or around the bike rack area at any time.


Walking To and From School

Parents are urged to discuss safety rules and the responsibilities of good citizenship with their children in regard to walking to and from school.
These points should be stressed:
Come directly to school from home.
Walk on the sidewalk and inside the crosswalks. Being near Portola Parkway, we need to be extra vigilant.
Cross streets only at the corners and crosswalks and with the crossing guard who is on duty before and after school. Jaywalking is a citable offense by the Irvine Police Department.
Do not talk to strangers.


Student Drop Off and Before School Procedures

**Students are not permitted on campus prior to 8:00 A.M.*

Kindergarten Drop Off
All kindergarten students are to be escorted to their classroom lines. A designated
adult should remain with each student until the classroom teachers come out to the kindergarten line-up area at the beginning of the school day. kindergarten playground is not available for playtime in the morning or after dismissal.
Parents escorting students onto campus

Limited parking is available in all of our school lots. In addition, parents are strongly encouraged to find parking on Majesty and Honors. Each of them has ample parking on both sides of the street. Parents may walk their kids to the playground and are welcome to wait with them. Please remember, however, that students are not permitted on campus until 8:00 A.M.

Parents dropping off students in the Loading Zone

Please pull as far forward in the loading zone as possible. Be sure that children exit the vehicle from the passenger side (right) only. Students should have their backpacks close at hand and be ready to exit the vehicle once it has stopped. Students having to retrieve backpacks or other items from the trunk slow the line significantly.

Playground usage before school
Students are permitted to play on the playground between 8:00-8:13 A.M. When the 2 minute warning bell rings (8:13 A.M. or 8:28 A.M.) students are to walk to their assigned classroom lines. Students will be met at the 8:15 A.M. or 8:30 A.M. bell by their teachers.


Arrival and Dismissal

Regardless of frustrations and/or inconveniences that may arise from parking guidelines and regulations, it is important to remember why they are there. When weighing drop off/pick up and parking lot inconveniences against the safety of our children, there is no argument. Please help make Stonegate as safe as it possibly can be -- that is why we have our staff on duty before and after school -- to maintain safety for all.

Stonegate Student Pick Up and After School Procedures

**All students must be picked up from school within 15 minutes after dismissal.**

Kindergarten Student Pick Up

Each kindergarten class has a designated area for dismissal at the end of the day. Please check with your child’s teacher for specific dismissal instructions. If students are not picked up within ten minutes of their dismissal time, they will be escorted to the office.

Primary (Grades 1-3) Student Pick Up Procedures
        Parents desirous of meeting their child and walking them to the car are strongly encouraged to park on Majesty. Upon dismissal, parents may meet their students                      outside the classroom door. Students who are not picked up from outside the classroom doors will be directed to the waiting line at the main parking lot. Parents who            plan to pick up their child from the Waiting Line are to do so by driving through the Loading Zone. Primary students not picked up on time will be escorted to the oak        v b tree.
         Upper Grade (Grades 4-6) Student Pick Up Procedures

         Parents desirous of meeting their child and walking them to the car are strongly encouraged to park on Honors. Upon dismissal parents may meet their students                       outside the classroom door. Upper Grade students who are not immediately picked up at the classroom door will be directed to wait for their parents behind the                       Waiting Line at the Loading Zone or an alternate location pre-arranged with their parents. Teachers under routine circumstances will not escort upper grade students.           Parents who plan to pick up their child from the Waiting Line are to do so by driving through the Loading Zone. Upper grade students not picked up on time will be                     escorted to the oak tree.

        Parents picking up BOTH Primary and Upper grade students
After picking up your primary student(s) and waiting for upper grade dismissal, we ask that you wait with your primary children at either our lunch tables or on the blacktop area in front of the CDC. Primary students must remain with and under the direct supervision of their parents and may not play on the playground or the play structure. Students must be picked up within 15 minutes after dismissal. Parents are not permitted to park in the Loading Zone as they wait for their upper grader to be dismissed. We ask that you find parking in one of the parking stalls or on the street.


Student Valet Program

5th & 6th grade students have been trained by Irvine PD to assist with our Valet Program. In both parking lots before school, please pull forward and the valets will assist your child in opening the back passenger side door. This allows parents to remain in the vehicles and get in and out quickly.


Thank you for your courtesy and safety with all our students!